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(Image: Bilyonaryo)
(Image: Bilyonaryo)

Optimizing power supply: Energy firms push for peak demand management

(PE2 Note: Bilyonaryo Business News reports on PE2's recommendation to intensify planning efforts toward reducing or shifthing the 3.3 GW peak demand caused by rising temperatures.)

The Philippine Energy Efficiency Alliance (PE2), an organization comprising energy efficiency market stakeholders, is advocating for peak demand management as a prerequisite before planning new generating and transmission capacities in the grid.

PE2 president Alexander Ablaza emphasized the need to explore all opportunities to flatten daily and seasonal peak demand curves before considering the construction of new power plants.

PE2’s membership includes Manila Electric Co., First Gen Energy Solutions, MServe, Mitsubishi Corp., Aboitiz Power Corp., Shell Pilipinas, and others.

According to Ablaza, PE2 believes that optimizing power supply capacities requires efforts to flatten peak demand curves initially, rather than solely focusing on adding new power plants to bolster thinning reserves.

Ablaza noted that while power grids traditionally plan for the April-May summer peak demand, a significant portion of the country’s 3,340 MW increase in summer demand can potentially be mitigated through peak-shaving or load-shifting strategies.

He suggested that aggressive adoption of energy-efficient technologies in commercial, industrial, transport, and government sectors could achieve permanent peak shaving.

Ablaza said that a portion of the current peak demand could be shifted to off-peak hours using various energy storage technologies, including thermal, kinetic, and battery energy storage systems.

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