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Upgrade Energy Philippines (UGEP) Inc

Decentralised energy generation – The key to success most companies are missing.

For the majority of companies, the cost of heating, cooling and electricity has a huge impact on the price of their endproduct. A cost that is often very hard to control due to the fluctuating energy prices, rising distribution costs and taxes. On top of this, the general energy supply is under pressure. Our dependancy on obsolete nuclear plants, polluting coal plants and energy imports from abroad put us in a weak and uncontrollable position.

A focus on energy efficiency and decentralised energy generation not only decreases companies’ dependancy on the energy market, it also leads to cost savings and increases corporate social responsibility. Investing in new energy technologies gives companies more resilience and more security for the future.

Upgrade Energy guarantees significant energy savings through the implementation of proven and innovative technologies. Together we empower your energy!

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