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TS-I Energy Solutions Corp

TS-I Energy Solutions Corporation (TS-I ESCO) creates specialized energy solutions for its clients by providing services paired with state-of-the-art technologies and holistic approaches in energy efficiency. The company shares the knowledge of its highly-trained and experienced team by establishing long-term solutions partnerships with a vast array of energy end-users.

Backed by the robust track record of its parent firm Thermal Solutions Inc., TS-I ESCO strives to be the leading energy services provider for green building projects through its vast knowledge and expertise in HVAC, renewable energy and energy efficiency. It envisions a country aspiring a zero-carbon footprint society through actively implemented energy efficiency programs backed by both the government and private sector, and a population armed with a high awareness of energy usage, conservation and efficiency.

TS-I ESCO is manned and equipped to provide the following: (a) building solutions: whole building energy audit, ESCO style energy performance contracting (EPC), system conversions to energy-efficient design, retro-commissioning, and energy-efficient support products; (b) new construction solutions: HVAC equipment installation, ventilation system and ductworks, piping works (CHW, COW, ref. Cu piping), and HVAC system design, testing and commissioning; (c) chiller plant solutions: chiller plant energy audit, chiller plant controls, chiller plant energy optimization, chiller plant reliability assessment, and chiller plant maintenance; and, (d) retrofit solutions: air-conditioning retrofit projects, ventilation system and ductworks retrofits, control valve replacements, air balancing and energy-efficient support products.

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