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SensorFlow, a Singapore-based startup established in 2016, is revolutionising the hotel industry with its advanced Guest Room Operations Solution. As a full-stack hardware and software company, they specialise in intelligent systems that enhance operational efficiency and sustainability in hotels. Recognising that budget constraints often hinder the adoption of sustainable technology, they developed a retrofit IoT solution that is offered with flexible payment options tailored to suit each property. SensorFlow has successfully implemented its technology in over 26,000 rooms across Southeast Asia and is actively expanding into new regions, including North America. Supported by the Singapore government, their company is committed to driving productivity and promoting sustainability in the hospitality sector.

At the core of their offerings are innovative HVAC automation systems designed to reduce energy costs by up to 30% and increase hotel profit margins by as much as 15%. By tailoring their solutions to meet the specific needs of each hotel, SensorFlow not only boosts efficiency but also supports substantial environmental benefits. For every tonne of CO2 their system helps save, they plant a tree in the hotel’s name. This initiative underscores their dedication to environmental responsibility and provides their partners with a powerful tool to enhance their own sustainability profiles.

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