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First Gen Energy Solutions Inc. (FGES)

First Gen Energy Solutions Inc. (FGES) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of First Gen Corporation (First Gen), the Philippines’ leading clean and renewable energy company with an installed capacity of 2,763 megawatts in its portfolio of 11 power plants. These power plants mainly rely on clean, indigenous and renewable sources of energy, such as natural gas, geothermal and hydro. First Gen also has in its pipeline other renewable energy projects that include a solar, wind farm, and additional run-of-river hydroelectric plants. FGES intends to actively source and aggregate supply from other generation companies that provide value by matching the demand requirements of its customers and supply portfolio.

In support of the First Gen’s aim, FGES positions itself as the supplier of choice by understanding the customer’s business needs and developing innovative solutions that offer real and added value, which transcends the traditional power supply contract. These innovative solutions include a Remote Energy Monitoring System that FGES has designed to help a customer consume electricity more efficiently. FGES also has applications for monitoring and analyzing a customer’s consumption of each electric machine and equipment, as well as for efficient lighting and timely use of air conditioning.

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