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CLIXLogic, Inc.

CLIXLOGIC, INC., established in 2005 and led by President and CEO Carlos T. Fernando, is a System Integrator with over 19 years of experience providing IT and Technology Solutions, including reliable After Sales Service. Their primary lines of business include IoT Solutions and Energy Efficiency Solutions, such as Temperature and Humidity sensors, water meters, people counters, energy meters, and dashboards. They also offer Resilient Connectivity Solutions, Seismic Accelerograph, Data Center Design and Build, IT Equipment and Services, and UPS service repairs. Their diverse clientele spans various industries, including manufacturing, hotels, and office/residential buildings.

Their current focus is providing Energy Efficiency Solutions to SMEs. They begin with basic Energy Monitoring of high energy consumption equipment by installing energy meters with real-time monitoring visualized through a dashboard. By assisting SMEs in tracking their energy usage, their solutions help identify areas where energy efficiency can be improved, resulting in reduced energy waste and lower costs. As part of their roadmap, they aim to conduct Energy Audits to further enhance the energy-saving capabilities of their clients.

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