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AboitizPower was incorporated in the Philippines in 1998 and invests in power generation, distribution, and retail electricity services. We are a top 2 company in the Philippines in terms of generation, distribution, retail services and renewable energy. AboitizPower is listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange (the “PSE”) with a market capitalization of approximately PHP 258 billion (USD 5.0 billion) as of 27 June 2019.

We are amongst the largest power companies in the Philippines with a net sellable capacity of 3,350 MW as of 2 May 2019 and one of the largest electricity distributors in the Philippines with over 1 million customers over 18 cities and municipalities in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Through our Cleanergy brand, we generate about 20% of the dependable renewable energy capacity in the Philippines. AboitizPower believes that energy efficiency is a product and service that can be used to address the energy trillemma of the Philippines by achieving demand-side energy efficiencies.

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